Potty Training a New Dog

Brittany Wittig   December 15, 2015   Comments Off on Potty Training a New Dog
Happy dog in grass

When you bring your new dog home they may or may not have accidents in the house at first. This will depend entirely on the dog, but please be aware that even house trained dogs may have an accident in their first few days in a new environment. The best way to avoid accidents is to keep your new pet… Read more »

Milo, an interesting case

Judy Schroeder, DVM   November 10, 2015   Comments Off on Milo, an interesting case

Milo is an 11 year old domestic shorthair cat with a history of asthma, who is on chronic prednisone therapy to keep his respiratory symptoms controlled. He was seen in the summer for upper respiratory congestion and sneezing. He received two different courses of antibiotics, but his symptoms did not improve. After the second antibiotic failed, I recommended that we… Read more »

Crate Training a New Dog

Brittany Wittig   November 10, 2015   Comments Off on Crate Training a New Dog
Small dog trained for crate

Bringing home a new dog is an exciting experience! However, it is also an adjustment for both the pet and the new owner. In order to get off on the right foot I recommend implementing some basic training to help new pets adjust more easily to their new environment, whether they are a puppy or an adult dog! Over the… Read more »

Medibles and Your Dog

Sheila Johnson, DVM   November 25, 2014   Comments Off on Medibles and Your Dog
Pot Brownie

With the arrival of legal marijuana in Oregon, both medical (now) and recreational (soon), the issue of dogs ingesting cannabis is becoming more widespread. Both nationally and here in Eugene, cases of dogs eating pot in some form or other have become more frequent. The availability of marijuana-infused food products, often called “medibles,” is exacerbating the problem and placing pets… Read more »

Grain Free or Diet?

Judy Schroeder, DVM   October 30, 2014   Comments Off on Grain Free or Diet?
Grain-free diets may not be the best thing for your pet.

Grain-free diets for pets are growing rapidly in popularity and availability. Sales of grain-free pet foods were estimated at 1.7 billion dollars in the past year. Pet owners pay about 45% more for grain-free products, but are these diets truly better for dogs and cats? First of all, why do people feel they should feed a grain-free diet? One theory… Read more »