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A change in Hours

Jim Johnson   August 19, 2012   Comments Off on A change in Hours

In order to bring more balance into the lives of our doctors and staff, we find that it is necessary to make a change in our hours. Beginning on September 4, we will no longer be open on Saturdays. We realize that many of you depend on our availability outside normal working hours, so we are also extending our hours… Read more »


Jim Johnson   July 25, 2012   Comments Off on AHA Joins AAFP

News flash – we have recently joined the American Association of Feline Practitioners. We’re working on improving our services to the feline persuasion – they tend to be rather more, ah, particular that our canine pals – and hope to be certified as a Cat Friendly Practice later this year. More info at the AAFP’s website.

Why spay or neuter my pet?

Jim Johnson   July 7, 2012   Comments Off on Why spay or neuter my pet?

Q) Aside from pet overpopulation issues, are there reasons to spay or neuter my pet? A) Yes, there are health issues in both male and female animals that can be prevented through spay/neuter. In female dogs and cats, spaying before the first heat reduces the risk of mammary tumors (breast cancer) by 95% or greater. After one heat, there is… Read more »

Transitioning to Digital Radiography: Day 7 – Training

Jim Johnson   July 1, 2012   Comments Off on Transitioning to Digital Radiography: Day 7 – Training

Now that our DR system is up and running, it was time to train the staff. We blocked out a couple of two hour blocks and brought in a few of our own pets for practice. Everything went smoothly and the staff was quite impressed with how quickly they could take images. The Idexx software we are using, as usual,… Read more »