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Milo, an interesting case

Judy Schroeder, DVM   November 10, 2015   Comments Off on Milo, an interesting case

Milo is an 11 year old domestic shorthair cat with a history of asthma, who is on chronic prednisone therapy to keep his respiratory symptoms controlled. He was seen in the summer for upper respiratory congestion and sneezing. He received two different courses of antibiotics, but his symptoms did not improve. After the second antibiotic failed, I recommended that we… Read more »

Vaccine Q & A

Judy Schroeder, DVM   November 5, 2014   Comments Off on Vaccine Q & A
vaccination of a puppy

Why Do We Vaccinate? Vaccines provide protection to a large number of individuals in a population, thereby preventing spread and reducing severity of disease. Vaccines have proven to be highly effective in the control of animal diseases such as rabies, parvo-viral infection, and canine and feline distemper. Shortly after puppies and kittens are born, they receive concentrated antibodies in “colostrum”… Read more »

Grain Free or Diet?

Judy Schroeder, DVM   October 30, 2014   Comments Off on Grain Free or Diet?
Grain-free diets may not be the best thing for your pet.

Grain-free diets for pets are growing rapidly in popularity and availability. Sales of grain-free pet foods were estimated at 1.7 billion dollars in the past year. Pet owners pay about 45% more for grain-free products, but are these diets truly better for dogs and cats? First of all, why do people feel they should feed a grain-free diet? One theory… Read more »

Arthritis in Pets

Judy Schroeder, DVM   June 4, 2014   Comments Off on Arthritis in Pets
Arthritic Elbow in Dog

Arthritis is a generic term that means, simply, inflammation in a joint. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, and one of the most common diseases that pets face. This type of arthritis is usually seen in older pets, and is characterized by cartilage breakdown, bone remodeling, and fibrous tissue formation around the joint. Younger pets may develop arthritis… Read more »

Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs

Judy Schroeder, DVM   June 28, 2013   Comments Off on Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs
dog with marijuana

In The Dangerous Book for Dogs, Chapter 1 is entitled “Let’s Eat This!” Dogs will eat just about anything. They will eat your shoes, your carpets, your landscaping, and yes, they will eat your drugs. It is even better if you have your medication baked into a yummy cookie or brownie. Marijuana poisoning is most common among dogs, though cats… Read more »