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Thoughts on medical issues from the doctors and technicians at AHA

Heartworm Disease

Judy Schroeder, DVM   January 11, 2013   Comments Off on Heartworm Disease
A heart infected with heartworm

Heartworm disease is caused by a parasitic worm (Dirofilaria immitis) that is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. The adult parasite lives in the heart and pulmonary vessels, and can lead to heart and lung failure, kidney disease, and death if untreated. Heartworms are found worldwide in temperate and tropical climates and in every state of the US…. Read more »

Rabid Bat found in Eugene

Jim Johnson   September 21, 2012   Comments Off on Rabid Bat found in Eugene
A bat, which could carry rabies

The Register-Guard reported this morning that a bat recently killed by a Eugene cat tested positive for rabies. The full article is here. This is not really news but it serves as an important reminder: cats need to be vaccinated for rabies too! The state requires that dags be vaccinated for rabies, but unfortunately does not have the same requirement… Read more »

Exercise caution in dealing with big-box pharmacies

Jim Johnson   August 19, 2012   Comments Off on Exercise caution in dealing with big-box pharmacies

I want to talk briefly about what’s going on in the veterinary pharmacy business, and how it could affect your pet. This is a deep and controversial topic, but I want to skirt the arguable issues and focus on what it means to you and your pets. First of all: as everyone knows by now, the veterinary pharmacy business has… Read more »


Jim Johnson   July 25, 2012   Comments Off on AHA Joins AAFP

News flash – we have recently joined the American Association of Feline Practitioners. We’re working on improving our services to the feline persuasion – they tend to be rather more, ah, particular that our canine pals – and hope to be certified as a Cat Friendly Practice later this year. More info at the AAFP’s website.

Recent Rabies Incident in Oregon

Judy Schroeder, DVM   June 19, 2012   Comments Off on Recent Rabies Incident in Oregon

A Gaston, Oregon woman was bitten by a rabid bat early this month. She was removing it from her dog’s mouth! Fortunately, the bat was available for testing and her dog was current on its rabies vaccine. The woman is receiving treatment and the dog is under a 45 day quarantine.