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News and information about the medical technology we use.

Transitioning to Digital Radiography

Jim Johnson   June 22, 2012   Comments Off on Transitioning to Digital Radiography

This week we are starting on a project that has been in preparation for a long time: installing a digital radiography system. This system has several advantages over our existing film system, specifically: – Images can be captured and viewed in eight seconds. Previously they had to be developed before viewing, a process taking a couple of minutes. – All… Read more »

Our Veterinary Dental Suite

Jim Johnson   June 10, 2012   Comments Off on Our Veterinary Dental Suite

This is old news; but I want to add some background material to the blog before I release it into the wild… so to speak. We’re really proud of our dental suite. When we purchased the clinic, the practice did a lot of, ah, “minimal” dentals. Dr. Johnson wanted to raise the standard of care in this area, so the… Read more »

Technology in the Veterinary Hospital

Jim Johnson   June 8, 2012   Comments Off on Technology in the Veterinary Hospital

I’ve been wanting to write about the technology here at Animal Health for some time, mostly because I’m a technologist, and that’s been a big part of my job here. But the thing is, at AHA (or almost any other veterinary clinic), we’re not about the technology. What we’re about is taking care of pets, and the technology is just… Read more »