Our Veterinary Dental Suite

Jim Johnson   June 10, 2012   Comments Off on Our Veterinary Dental Suite

This is old news; but I want to add some background material to the blog before I release it into the wild… so to speak.

Veterinary Dental Suite at Animal Health Associates

Veterinary Dental Suite, including dental station, digital radiography system, monitoring equipment, and anesthesia system. Mismatched tiles in the back corner show the location of the old broom closet.

We’re really proud of our dental suite. When we purchased the clinic, the practice did a lot of, ah, “minimal” dentals. Dr. Johnson wanted to raise the standard of care in this area, so the first thing we purchased was a Dentalaire Ultimate dental station. This is similar to what you see in a human dentist’s office, with a piezo ultrasonic scaler and a high-speed fiber-optic handpiece. We removed the broom closet that the techs kept bumping into while working, and added better lighting. We purchased improved monitoring equipment, and incorporated regular anesthetic monitoring into our protocols. Finally, we replaced the old “dip-tank” radiograph processing system with a digital x-ray system.

Dental Radiograph - Pinscher mix Dental Radiograph - Pinscher mix

The digital system has simplified the process of taking dental x-rays; reduced our usage of processing chemicals; reduced the amount of radiation exposure for our staff and patients; and it also reduces the time your pet needs to remain under anesthesia for radiographs. The clarity of the images allows our doctors to identify dental problems in their early stages. This truly is one of those technologies that can fundamentally change the way we do things in the dental suite. Now if only I could get the staff to stop referring to “films” when taking dental shots!