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Rabid Bat found in Eugene

Jim Johnson   September 21, 2012   Comments Off on Rabid Bat found in Eugene
A bat, which could carry rabies

The Register-Guard reported this morning that a bat recently killed by a Eugene cat tested positive for rabies. The full article is here. This is not really news but it serves as an important reminder: cats need to be vaccinated for rabies too! The state requires that dags be vaccinated for rabies, but unfortunately does not have the same requirement… Read more »

My pet caught a bat!

Jim Johnson   June 16, 2012   Comments Off on My pet caught a bat!

Q) What should I do if my pet catches a bat? A) Under normal circumstances, bats are harmless, beneficial animals that should be left alone. However, bats are the most common carrier of rabies in Oregon. If a bat is brought home by your cat or dog, it is best to have it tested for rabies. This service is available… Read more »