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Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs

Judy Schroeder, DVM   June 28, 2013   Comments Off on Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs
dog with marijuana

In The Dangerous Book for Dogs, Chapter 1 is entitled “Let’s Eat This!” Dogs will eat just about anything. They will eat your shoes, your carpets, your landscaping, and yes, they will eat your drugs. It is even better if you have your medication baked into a yummy cookie or brownie. Marijuana poisoning is most common among dogs, though cats… Read more »

Arsenic in Rice

Judy Schroeder, DVM   February 8, 2013   Comments Off on Arsenic in Rice
Periodic Table showing Arsenic

Recently, the FDA published information about inorganic arsenic levels in rice and rice products. As part of an ongoing study, they analyzed arsenic levels in approximately 200 samples of rice and rice-based products available in the US. The study quantified inorganic arsenic levels, and found an average of 3.5 to 6.7 micrograms of inorganic arsenic per serving of the rice… Read more »

Is Antifreeze Toxic?

Jim Johnson   June 14, 2012   Comments Off on Is Antifreeze Toxic?

Q) Is antifreeze toxic to my cat or dog? A) Yes, antifreeze is very toxic to animals. The toxic component is ethylene glycol. It takes as little as 1 teaspoon to sicken a cat, and 4-5 times that to make a dog sick. Without treatment, the mortality rate is high. If you believe your pet has ingested antifreeze, he or… Read more »

Chocolate and Your Dog

Jim Johnson   June 13, 2012   Comments Off on Chocolate and Your Dog

Q)┬áIs chocolate toxic to pets? A) This depends on the type of chocolate that is ingested – milk chocolate, dark chocolate or unsweetened chocolate. Unsweetened (baker’s) chocolate is 10 times more toxic than milk chocolate. It takes about 1 ounce of milk chocolate per pound of body weight to cause toxicity in a dog, whereas 1 ounce of unsweetened chocolate… Read more »