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Exercise caution in dealing with big-box pharmacies

Jim Johnson   August 19, 2012   Comments Off on Exercise caution in dealing with big-box pharmacies

I want to talk briefly about what’s going on in the veterinary pharmacy business, and how it could affect your pet. This is a deep and controversial topic, but I want to skirt the arguable issues and focus on what it means to you and your pets. First of all: as everyone knows by now, the veterinary pharmacy business has… Read more »

Veterinary Pharmacy Archaeology

Jim Johnson   June 11, 2012   Comments Off on Veterinary Pharmacy Archaeology

We were digging around in the attic one day – remember, our building is over 60 years old – and came across these items. (You probably can’t read the labels in this image; click it for a full-size version.) I always get a chuckle out of these, especially the jar on the left, labeled “Universal Antidote.” I’ve asked my reps… Read more »