Transitioning to Digital Radiography: Day 5 – Computer

Jim Johnson   June 27, 2012   Comments Off on Transitioning to Digital Radiography: Day 5 – Computer

What a day.

We “finished” painting at noon – I use quotes because there is still a lot of touch-up to do, trim to install, etc. But at least I was able to get the computer hardware installed.

First, I’ll name names. I installed a keyboard/monitor arm and CPU holder from Ergotron. This stuff is nice – well-engineered, high-quality, with highly-detailed instructions. The manuals reminded me of Ikea, because they had lots of illustrations and not much text. I thought the company was European until I visited their website – they’re based in Minnesota!

I then installed the Dell computer provided by our DR vendor, IDEXX. I really like Dell – all our computer hardware at home and at work comes from them, and it has always been highly reliable.

One wrinkle was that, due to the way I set the room up, I needed slightly longer USB and DVI cables than those provided by Dell – so I went across the street to OfficeMax. For the three cables I needed, they wanted to charge $112! So I went online to Monoprice – my favorite source for cables (computer and music – I play synthesizer, so I have an endless need for cords). The same cables, with next day shipping, only cost me $32. I love having an office supply store across the street, so I try to patronize them as much as I can… but those prices are absurd.

One local business that I will never stop patronizing, however, is Eugene Hardware. They are two doors north of us, and I am constantly going in there for things – screws, paint, everything. They are always extremely helpful, and while they don’t have the selection of the big-box stores, they have almost everything we need on a daily basis. This place would have collapsed around our ears years ago if not for them. Thank you!

Anyway – once I had all these things done, and the network wiring completed, it was time to plug it in – and it all worked, first time. It took me a little while to figure out how to disable most of the bells and whistles in Windows 7 – I prefer the classic Windows 2000 look myself – and of course the network setup in Windows 7 is even trickier than in previous versions – but it didn’t take long. I was home by 8 this time.