Transitioning to Digital Radiography: Day 1

Jim Johnson   June 22, 2012   Comments Off on Transitioning to Digital Radiography: Day 1

Phase one of our project is preparation of the room. Our radiography “department” is actually a tiny room about the size of a large broom closet. It barely has enough room for the x-ray table and the chemical processor. The room also houses the clinic’s alarm system, power distribution for the x-ray system, and has a drop-ladder to the clinic’s attic. The walls are scarred, stuff is taped up over windows and jammed into cracks to keep light out, and it stinks, because there is no ventilation.

X-ray Chemical Processor

Our soon-to-be-retired chemical radiography processor. It works, but is slow, smelly, and messy. The white bumps at the bottom are my knees – I’m sitting on the x-ray table. It’s a small room!

Ideally we would move radiography into another room entirely, but the cost of rerouting the electrical lines alone prevents that. So we are doing the best we can with what we have. Currently we are taping and filling holes in the walls in preparation for repainting. The area around the alarm system is a web of small wires; I’m painting the walls between them using a set of model brushes. I want this room to be something we can be proud of!