Transitioning to Digital Radiography: Day 7 – Training

Jim Johnson   July 1, 2012   Comments Off on Transitioning to Digital Radiography: Day 7 – Training

Now that our DR system is up and running, it was time to train the staff. We blocked out a couple of two hour blocks and brought in a few of our own pets for practice. Everything went smoothly and the staff was quite impressed with how quickly they could take images.

The Idexx software we are using, as usual, is a mixed blessing. On the positive side, the image processing quality is simply amazing – the improvement in detail between the display of the raw image and the processed image is remarkable. This has already enabled our doctors to make diagnoses in far less time than previously – more on that below. The image handling software is also pretty easy to use – not as easy as a typical Windows program, but good enough. On the other hand.. the software is crashing constantly, and it is quite slow at times. The installer warned us about some areas to avoid that will always crash, but we are also getting random error messages in many parts of the program. Unfortunately, we are using the initial release of the software, which we expected to be buggy; they have released four service packs but the fourth was pulled from release last week due to unacceptable speed problems… so we are impatiently awaiting the next version (which they are calling Version 8.2 Service Pack 4 Release 2.)

The improved image quality is already yielding benefits. During training, our doctors noticed some strange things in the vertebrae of one of our employee’s cats. Some consultation with a colleague online indicated that these vertebrae were broken and this could only have come from an injury, probably at a very young age. The owner had no clue that there was a problem, other than that the cat sometimes walked funny.