Year-round flea control?

Jim Johnson   June 14, 2012   Comments Off on Year-round flea control?


Nasty little fellows.

Q) How important is flea control here in Western Oregon? Do I have to use flea control in the winter?

A) Yes, flea control is important in Western Oregon, and should be used all year round. In our practice, we have been seeing animals with severe flea problems, even over the winter. Flea bites are uncomfortable for your pet, and may cause severe allergic signs due to hypersensitivity to flea saliva. Fleas can also carry some pretty nasty diseases, ranging from tapeworm to plague.

Because of the complex lifecycle of the flea (egg, larvae, pupae, and adult), controlling them may require several products used together, especially for severe infestations. For most dogs we recommend Trifexis, a monthly pill that protects against fleas as well as heartworm and several other types of worms. For cats and dogs that require tick protection, we recommend Vectra. Foggers or sprays may also be necessary for controlling fleas in the pet’s environment.