Puppy and Kitten Health Plans

A Basket of Puppies and Kittens! So, you've adopted a new puppy or kitten. Congratulations! You are about to learn the meaning of the term "unconditional love." We know you'll want to return that love by giving your pet the best care that you can.

Our Puppy and Kitten Health Plans are designed to help you get your new pet off to a great start by providing most of the core services he or she will need in the first year of life, at a substantial savings. These plans include:

  • Up to four wellness exams.
  • A full series of core vaccinations.
  • Baseline wellness testing.
  • Parasite testing.
  • Routine dewormings and nail trim.
  • Feline leukemia and FIV tests (cats only).
  • A 15% discount on your pet's spay or neuter and microchip.

Depending on your pet's species, gender, and weight, these plans could save you up to 40% on these services!

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